Meet Anne - Our Nature Consultant


Anne (pronounced AH-NA)  moved to Florida after living in the U.S. Virgin Islands where she and her husband started and ran a small and personalized dive operation for over 12 years.

She was born and raised a dutch girl from Utrecht (the Netherlands), was certified in Curacao in ’98, did her advanced course in the Canary islands, followed by more than a bunch of diving in Europe and the Red Sea.  It was there she developed a great passion for the ocean and it's wildlife. Anne loves to share her passions by inspiring and education through writing and videos.

Also a USCG licensed Captain and PADI Instructor, Anne is a perfect fit to the Jupiter Water Tour family. She is the anchor and cornerstone to Captain Steve and the Kyalami Team.


From Anne:

Fish and birds everywhere!

I’m a scuba diver and have been underwater for thousands and thousands of hours by now. I still love it as much as the first time that I got to breath underwater! Most of my dives have been in the Caribbean, but the number of dives in Jupiter are starting to add up since I moved here about four years ago and started working on the Kyalami. I’m in the water almost daily and needless to say, I truly love the water and everything in it. The diving right outside the Jupiter inlet is absolutely amazing. From all the ‘big’ fish that we get to see because of how close we are to the gulf stream, to tiny critters that live along Jupiter’s beautiful ledges. There’s so much to look at.

But it’s not always necessary to go all the way out to the ocean to see Jupiter’s beautiful marine life. During our boat tours, it is not uncommon to see manatees, eagle rays, dolphins, southern stingrays and tons of fish in the Intercostal Waterway. Especially when it's high tide, at that time the water is normally crystal clear you can see the underwater world clearly without having to get in it. I sometimes find myself distracted from loading or cleaning the boat when I see something swim by underwater next to the boat or the dock. I can just sit there forever watching all the activity underwater..


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