Did You Know?: How Jupiter got it's Name

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Most historians agree that the name JUPITER had its origin during the time when the British controlled Florida between 1763‐1783. Spain had ceded Florida to Britain at that time and when the Bri sh examined the Spanish maps for this area, they found Rio Jobe as our local river. It is believed that the Spanish named the area Jobe after the native residents (the Jobe [HO‐bay] Indians). By the way, this is where Hobe Sound got its name.

The British had a tendency to Anglicize most of the words they found and believed the Spanish were using a form of the word Jove. Jupiter, also known as Jove is the god of the sky and thunder and king of the gods in Ancient Roman religion and mythology.. Later, during the American period , Juno was added as she was Jupiter's consort. Juno is the town just south of Jupiter Florida.

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