The Kyalami

Jupiter Water Tour Boat

Dive boat by day, tour boat by night, She’s the only boat in Jupiter painted like a dive flag!


The first time I saw the name I was like ‘what? Ky-a-what? Ah okay, Ky-a- la-mi'. Sounds interesting, most definitely a word I hadn’t heard before. I learned that it means “my home” in Zulu and I thought this was so cool. The Kyalami is a boat that is named with the goal to make it's passengers feel at home while out on the ocean and now on the intercoastal tours as well. The Kyalami is a wonderful 42’ dive boat that doesn’t just look good, she’s extremely comfortable to ride on while equipped with all kinds of great stuff.


For divers, there is a nice big Christmas style ladder, a roomy V-berth to keep all the stuff you would like to keep dry, more first aid equipment than we would hopefully ever need, a camera table, music surround system, tons of snacks and drinks, and then my favorite part--a warm shower!! I was blown away by that my first time aboard Kyalami, what a treat! And at night, she now gets transformed into a very nice ‘cruising’ boat, with very comfortable seats and tables for your drinks and snacks. Passengers have the option of sitting where ever is most comfortable to them, even out front to enjoy the sunset!


Needless to say, she’s truly an amazing vessel that I’m proud to call “My Home”.


Jacob Cossey